Biography: Debi A. Church, CPM-TN


Debi's education in midwifery began in 1979 with an apprenticeship with a local midwife. She has sat for the Tennessee Midwives Association testing, was involved in the development of the Christian Midwives International testing in 1989-1991, earning a midwifery degree. Then in 1993 sat for the national testing for midwives with the North American Registry of Midwives  (NARM)  achieving the title of CPM.  She has also been active on the Council of Certified Professional midwives of the state of Tennessee and presently sits as chairwoman of that prestigious office appointed by the commissioner of health.  She is certified in Neonatal Resusitation and CPR for Health Care Providers.


Debi has been practicing independently since 1982. She has served as the midwife in this Southeast Tennessee area for 30+ years, gone to foreign countries, taught midwifery in multiple classes, participated in many peer reviews, and helped women bring forth new life in countless settings, situations and circumstances.

Personal Information

Debi has lived in Athens, Tennessee since 1979.  She is very active in her church fellowship and the local homeschooling community, having homeschooled all six of her children, five of which were born at home.